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10 Daily Habits To Improve Well-Being

10 Daily Habits To Improve Well-Being

Hello friend, Welcome back to the blog!

You know those daily things that you just do without even really thinking about it anymore? But you KNOW when you stop doing them or miss a day, your well-being definitely suffers? That’s the way I feel about the habits I’m going to share with you today!

These are habits I have implemented over the years and have drastically improved my overall well-being. I certainly didn’t simply turn a page and start doing these all at once. I would encourage you to pick a new habit you would like to incorporate every 21 days. That way you can build on a structure one brick at a time. Since after all, a life well-lived is chosen one day at time!

Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing is the first thing I do each more as soon as I get out of my pajamas. It’s amazing for the lymphatic system, which removes toxins from the body. It also helps to exfoliate the skin, unclogs pores and acts as a stress relief.

I use this dry brush, and I also have an entire YouTube video explaining more of the benefits and exactly how to do it. You can check it out here.

20 oz Water Before Coffee

Goodness gracious, I LOVE my morning coffee! However, coffee can be very dehydrating. I drink 20 oz of water while the coffee brews, which helps with rehydrate from the night. Drinking water first thing in the morning also helps with regularity of bowels and supports function of the metabolism.

I use these lemonade flavored electrolytes in my morning water for extra flavor and hydration.


Journaling has become such an essential part of my well-being. I write first thing in the morning to basically “mind dump” since usually I wake up rolling full-steam ahead. I also find it helpful for truly digesting my morning devotional instead of simply ingesting it.

I wrote a blog on Basic Steps To Start Journaling that you may find helpful if you are just getting started. For journaling prompts, check out this blog post.


Holy moly, where do I even begin with the power of the sunshine! I do my best to get direct sunlight in my eyes as soon as possible in the mornings, especially before any screen time. This helps the body to set it’s circadian rhythm, which helps tremendously with sleep and even digestion.

I always open the blinds in the morning and try to get outside for a walk as soon as possible.


After I have dry brushed, read my devotion, journaled and had my coffee, I head outside for a long walk. It usually ends up being about 3 miles long.

Throughout the day, if I can walk (or bike) somewhere I almost always choose one of those over driving! Keeping track of my steps and aiming to get at least 10K has been such a positive daily goal for me mentally, physically and emotionally.

Eating Without Screens

I don’t know about you, but I am not the best at slowing down. My day is basically one big multi-task! If I’m not careful, I find myself working on my computer or responding to messages on my phone while eating.

By focusing on the taste, texture, smell of the meal and really enjoying the moment of eating, digestion improves as well as the ability to keep from overeating. If you REALLY want to challenge yourself to slow down during meals, try eating with your non-dominant hand!

Text, Call or FaceTime At Least One Person A Day

Sometimes life gets so busy that we forget to check in with those we love, and we are actually created to thrive off of human interaction. Thankfully, through technology we have the ability to connect with anyone anywhere in the world almost instantly. We have no reason not to connect and be in community with others.

Setting aside time each day to reach out and let someone know I’m thinking about them really and truly has been a game changer for me.

Epson Salt Bath Before Bed

Since I have a hard time slowing down, especially at night, I have to be super intentional about how I spend the last couple of hours before bed. Minimal screen time, blue-light glasses, and the best of all: a steamy epson salt bath! This helps with calming the nervous system, muscular aches and pains, and improves skin hydration.

These are the bath salts I typically use and I absolutely love them.

Toe Separators

This may sound silly, but toe separators have the ability to improve circulation, realign joints and improve balance, gait and posture! It seems too good to be true, but really.. it’s true. A lot of physical imbalances start in the feet and using toe separators is an easy, practical thing I can do each day to take care of my body.

This is the best brand that I have tried so far.

Gratitude List

The last thing I do before bed is reflect on the entire day and write out things I’m grateful for. Practicing gratitude has been shown to have SO MANY benefits mentally and emotionally. If you don’t try anything else from this blog, I highly recommend starting to journal about things your grateful for on a daily basis.

I hope you find that these 10 daily habits improve your well-being as much as they have mine. For questions or to see more into my day to day life, follow my Instagram @taylerjordanfit.


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