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How To Pray And What To Pray For


Do you ever struggle with how to pray or what to pray for? If you have, you are not alone. Even the disciples in Luke 11 struggled with it! In this blog post, I am excited to share with you tips for praying and some actual prayers that you can pray any where, any time!

I have to be completely transparent though. This is one of things I have been on the fence about writing for a while now.

As a personal trainer who has studied for many years and invested a lot of time and money into education, it used to “ruffle my feathers” when someone without credentials attempted to give fitness advice. But now I totally understand. When people are desperate for help, sometimes you simply share what you know in hopes of helping them in some way.

I am not a Bible scholar nor have I been to seminary. Someone who has may say the prayer advice I’m about to share with you isn’t the most proper advice. But what I AM is a blessed and highly favored child of God who is saved by grace, and you know what… so are you.

I don’t believe He has a standard for the way we cry out to Him. I believe His deepest desire is to have an intimate, personal relationship with us; allowing Him to be apart of all parts of our life and speaking to Him throughout the day; becoming more and more aware of His presence and hearing His faintest whisper in the wind.

Tips For Praying

Tip 1 : Simplify Prayer

Sometimes less it more. Prayer doesn’t have to have big, fancy words. Simply have a conversation with God like He is your best friend. You can be driving in the car or cooking in the kitchen; He is right there listening always!

Tip 2 : Pray Scripture

It’s easy to get things twisted these days, especially with many influential people offering their own opinion of right and wrong. God’s Word is truly the only firm foundation we have to stand on. He has given us a manual with everything we need to know! Get familiar with and repeat His promises. Not only will you begin to see blessings manifested in your life, You will also get to know Him more intimately.

Tip 3 : Pray With Hope And Expectation

God LOVES to bless those who are waiting hopefully with expectation, not someone grumbling and complaining. If we always have our eyes opened for good things to happen to us and through us, they will!

Creating Your Own Prayer

These are some simple elements of prayer you can complete for your own personal prayer:

  • Hey God,
  • Thank you for ________________.
  • I give you honor, glory and praise because ________________.
  • Please give me the desires of my heart. Help me want what you want. May my hopes and dreams for ________________ be aligned with your personalized plan for my life.
  • Show me how I can make the most of this day while I’m ________________.
  • I’m a sinner grateful to be saved by Your grace. Today, I haven’t been great at ________________. Please forgive my sinful ways. Give me strength and wisdom to be more like you and replace that bad habit with a good one.
  • Please protect me from evil influences, especially when it comes to ________________.
  • Amen

Jeremiah 33 Prayer

Father, You are a God of miracles. I believe You are powerful, almighty and sovereign. Just like You did for Jerusalem in Jeremiah 33:6, will you please lay upon me health and healing. Will You please cure me and reveal an abundance of peace, prosperity, security, stability and truth. Forgive me for my sins and cleanse me of guilt and iniquity. Set my feet straight so that my experience Your good and perfect plan for my life.

Luke 11 Prayer

Our Father, Who is in heaven,
Holy is Your Name;
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our sins,
as we forgive those who sin against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

I hope this blog helps you to feel less overwhelmed by prayer!

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