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The Mentorship Program That Changed My Life

The Mentorship Program That Changed My Life

Becoming TRULY FIT

It’s an understatement when I say I believe I was born to make an impact in the fitness industry. I still have the Barbie workout VHS that I begged for in kindergarten. I remember doing “at-home” workout videos with my mom, taking long runs in the cow pastures in my backyard, and even getting up early to prepare a big healthy breakfast and pack a nutritious lunch for school. 

When I first started coaching and training my passion was to help people with their fitness journey. Today, my passion is still to help people with that fitness journey. However, the meaning of “fitness” has transformed into something far beyond anything I could have conceived in those early college days. Now I know there is so much more to fitness than just an aesthetically pleasing body or a physical transformation.

To be truly, radiantly beautiful and happy with who you are and what you’re doing in life, to become TRULY FIT.. I believe we must integrate faith, fitness and well-being. With all my heart, I want to help make that happen in as many lives as possible. 

I learned the hard way.

I worked extremely hard to earn my pro card in the IFBB Bikini Division. I was so focused on this goal that there was absolutely no balance in my life. I had placed myself in a very real kind of bondage by tracking numbers, eating and training at a specific time, picking my flaws apart, and missing out on life experiences that I will never have the opportunity to regain. 

I honestly didn’t recognize how extreme this was at the time. It became very normal for me. But eventually, I began to realize is that way of living could not be maintained forever. Despite how hard I fought it, I knew God was showing me that I was prioritizing and obsessing over my body image. I had slowly let my body fat percentage control my entire life. 

When I got to the point where I knew I had to make some changes, I began to search for a resource for guidance and quickly realized I had no one to turn to. I reached out to other women who had competed and appeared to have achieved balance in their life, as far as food and an exercise regimen go; but all of their responses were the same: “just give it time and figure out what works for you”. 

WOW, did I feel lost and discouraged. All I had left was God and my Bible. I started waking up earlier, reading more, journaling more, praying more, and seeking God for direction with my whole heart. 

I used to WISH I HAD SOMEONE to help me through that time, but I am actually ever so grateful I had to dig for myself because now that I’m on the other side of what felt like a HUGE PIT, I’m able to see that I can use it for good – to help you learn how to integrate faith and fitness and become TRULY FIT…

which is what The B3 Mentorship Program is all about.

B3 Mentorship Program

Maybe you have never been a fitness competitor or gone through anything quite as extreme, but maybe you HAVE:

  • hated the way you look
  • been consumed by your body image
  • desired freedom from a diet plan and to have a better relationship with food
  • tried to find a balance with your exercise regimen to help you not only look great, but feel great too
  • wanted to learn how to read the Bible and apply it
  • learn how to pray, meditate and journal
  • craved a community of people that understand where you are and where you want to be that can help you hold yourself accountable to get there 
  • needed a mentor to help guide you and encourage through the tough times (especially on the days when you want to give up) 

I am SO EXCITED to help you with any of these things or all of them in the B3 Mentorship Program. I want to be clear though, I can’t DO these things for you. With that said, I absolutely can show you the way. You have to want (with all of your heart) to climb out of “the pit” yourself. Just like a tour guide who has been up the hike already, I can lead you, share, the mistakes I have made, warn you of what’s ahead, and encourage you to keep going, but I can’t take the steps for you. 

If you really want to change and get the most out of this program, COMMIT. Take action, and give it your best shot. In order to get the best results, you HAVE TO BELIEVE in God’s power IN YOU.

What Does B3 Stand For?

B3 stands for Beloved, Beautiful and Balanced.


comes from the story of David and Goliath. David was a giant-slayer and since we are working to slay giants in our own lives, we need to have the same mentality as David and one translation of his name is actually “Beloved”!


comes from my goal of helping you become RADIANTLY beautiful. Not just a beautiful body, but a beautiful heart, which is what we will ultimately be remembered by. Our looks may fade, but the beauty of our soul lasts forever! 


describes the foundation of the program – from learning how to eat intuitively to having a variety of exercise styles in the training program. My biggest issues developed when I was out of balance so that is an important aspect you can expect to learn from the program. 

The Workouts

The workout program is a combination of weight training, HIIT, and yoga. I personally have found that incorporating this variety of stimuli helps the body look great AND feel great! At-home workouts are provided as well in case there is ever a time you need to sweat it out at home.

The Soul Stuff

Each morning I share live devotions in the Facebook group. This is where the faith and well-being aspect shines through. The live devotions are saved to the Facebook group so the Tribe Members are able to watch at their own convenience since members are located all around the world in different time zones.

We also join together for weekly group calls where we discuss vision casting, share highs and lows, and talk about living each day to our fullest potential with positive daily habits.

The Food Guidelines

Relationship with food is something that I have struggled with my entire life. Believe me when I say I have tried nearly every diet you can think of from Atkins to Plant Paradox to Keto. Changing my mindset about food and the way that I view it was probably the most challenging process I’ve experienced so far. I say that first because I don’t want it to seem like the learning process will be flawless or easy, but I can promise you one thing.. I am here to guide you and help you through things I had to learn the hard way.

I remember growing up, breakfast was supposed to be the “most important meal of the day”. Now, the new trend is to skip breakfast and “intermittent fast”. My point is that the diet industry is just that – an industry, trying to make money just like everyone else. There is NO PERFECT DIET for everyone. 

If you have discipline and self-control, following a diet is easy. What is difficult is trusting yourself to make smart decisions and fuel your body properly based on your intuition rather than having SOMEONE ELSE make those decisions for you. 

My goal is that you will be SET FREE from “dieting” and the bondage of numbers. I hope to help you get to a point where you can choose foods based on what your body is telling you it wants. 

Each week of the program I share Food Guidelines to help you break free from the vicious recurring cycle of diet bondage. We were made to THRIVE. Understand that we cannot thrive and be everything God has called us to be if the enemy has us bound by food. Let that sink in and be your motivation to let the devil know, NOT TODAY.



If we want to change, we have to DO things differently. New mindset. New habits.  In order to BE something we have never been before, we have to DO something we have never done before! Seek new adventure and get comfortable being uncomfortable. That’s what I hope to help people do.  

If you are serious about wanting to join the B3 Mentorship Group, check out this page for details on when the next one will be starting!

If groups aren’t really your thing, you can also purchase The B3 Ebook to go through on your own time!


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