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Where To Go & What To Do In Austin, TX

All Of My Favorites In Austin, TX

Welcome to the blog! I thought it would be fun to mix things up with this one and share with you all of my favorite places to go and things to do in Austin, TX.

In case you are new here: I am from Alabama, went to college in Mississippi, moved to Florida after I graduated, and in 2019 one of my clients moved to Texas and asked me to come live with her! I travel (a lot), but Austin is one of the most awesome places I have ever experienced!

If you ever get the opportunity to go, do yourself a favor and add these gems to your agenda.

Coffee, AKA: Best Cups of Happy

For my fellow coffee connoisseurs, hold on to your britches! These coffee spots are so neat and delicious.


The view is amazing and they roast their own coffee right there in-person! With the aroma of fresh, roasting coffee in the air and a water-front view to die for, you will not regret this experience!

Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden

If you want to get a feel for a true Austin vibe, this is the place to go. The coffee is delicious first and foremost but the outdoor sitting area so much fun!


There are several locations around the city, and if you’re looking for a great place to swing in and grab an amazing cup of coffee, go to Merit. They also have the best almond milk matcha latte I have ever had if you need a coffee alternative!


If you are near the downtown area, you HAVE to swing by the Picnik on South Lamar for a special cup of coffee. They offer really cool add-ins like collagen and MCT oil, which are what I add to my coffee at home!



Okay, yes, I just mentioned Picnik, but it is TOTALLY worth mentioning again for food. The main location is a little north of downtown and is absolutely delicious. Their entire menu is gluten-free and all of their food is locally sourced! (You can also get one of those amazing cups of coffee while you wait, and be sure to browse the menu ahead of time because there is so much deliciousness to choose from.)

Flower Child

This is the cutest spot to grab lunch with a friend! Their menu is healthy and simple, yet really creative! PS. You won’t regret the sweet potatoes!

True Food Kitchen

If you have been following me any amount of time, you must know by now that I would eat every meal, every day at True Food Kitchen! It is forever one of my favorite places to eat. The whole menu is health and it is all incredible. (I can confidently say “all” because I have basically tried everything on the menu!)

Uchi Sushi

If you are in to sushi, this is THE place to go! Heads up, make a reservation plenty of time in advance. It’s that popular!

Get Your Sweat On!

Gym One

I have never been much of a commercial gym fan. I prefer unique, non-traditional toys with more of an old-school vibe! A gym where people are friendly, but still there to work hard, which is exactly what you get at Gym One. It is honestly the best gym I have found in Austin!

Onnit Gym

I love mixing things up with group workouts. Onnit is not necessarily as hard-core as cross fit, but still a really hard challenge and fun environment.

Wanderlust Yoga

I will admit I am pretty picky when it comes to yoga studios, and Wanderlust is hands-down one of the best I have ever been to! Power Flow has me dripping sweat like none other every time!


There are a lot of classes to choose from at TruFusion, but my favorite is Hot Barre. Just be prepared to take a big bite of “humble pie” if you decide to try it out!

Views & Outdoor Activities

Lake Travis

This is one of THE most beautiful places I have ever seen. It reminds me of a little piece of California planted in Texas. The view at The Oasis is jaw-dropping and you can grab a bite to eat or coffee there as well.

Lady Bird Lake Trail

Austin is a super active community so there are always people out walking, jogging or biking on the trail which is very motivating and refreshing. Plus, the entire trail skirts the lake!

Barton Springs Pool

In the summer, this place stays packed, but it’s definitely worth checking out. The pool itself is three acres in size, and is fed from underground springs! (Fair warning: being topless is not illegal in Austin… Needless to say, this little small-town Bama girl was completely caught off-guard by the topless women at the pool LOL).

Zilker Park

Visits to Zilker can include anything from reading a book to playing flag football. It is also where many events are held like ACL and Trail of Lights. Pets are welcome too so be prepared to see lots of precious fur babies.

Finding Family

Red Rocks Church

I have never felt more at home and welcome at a church as I do at Red Rocks in Austin. One of my favorite things they stand for is being imperfect people pursuing a perfect God. Go just as you are and expect to be loved and included in such a special family from the moment you walk in the door.

ATX Sprint Squad

The fitness community in Austin is one of the coolest things I have ever experienced! To get the most beautiful picture of what that looks like, you have to check out ATX Sprint Squad on a Saturday morning. You will leave drenched in sweat with new friends and a heart overflowing with joy.

If you are in the Austin area or plan to visit, I hope you are able to check out some of these spots! AND I hope you love them as much as I do. Just one more thing to remember when you’re there.. show up as your true, authentic self and keep Austin weird!


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