I train, mentor, and coach others to be their best self from the inside out: helping them to become                        by integrating faith, fitness, and well-being.

truly fit

HELLO there! I'm Tayler

Meet Tayler

Health + FITNESS transformation coach

After battling personal health issues, I realized there was more to the picture than simply an external transformation which helped me dig deeper in my faith. All of which has shaped my well-rounded and extensive understanding of what it takes to become Truly Fit.

I also reached my goal of becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro while in college. After college I continued to compete and work as a Physique Transformation Coach. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Performance, now I own Tayler Jordan LLC, and I work to integrate faith, fitness and well-being.

Educated, Vibrant, and Empowered

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- MOIRA, age 32

I have trained with multiple trainers in the past and just in my consult with Tayler I was blown away by the difference. Training with her has been a completely different experience. I have not been disappointed in the least in my results and what I have learned. 

Working with Tayler has helped me achieve progress in my fitness goals that I was struggling to accomplish on my own. 

- chelsea, age 35

Just when you think you have hit your max output, and can’t take any more reps, she pushes you just a little bit more! She has a habit of adding a couple more reps just when you thought you were done with your set. Tayler knows how to push you and it’s why I love training with her!

Tayler is a tenacious, and fierce trainer.

- virginia, age 33

I have a variety of limitations due to joint pain and previous injuries, and I was impressed with her ability to modify exercises to accommodate my body's needs. Tayler's strong understanding of anatomy and biomechanics along with her professionalism set her apart from others in her field. If you get the chance to work with her, you should absolutely take it.

Tayler is extremely talented. She is the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. 

- PAiGE, AGE 46

Tayler’s skill and talent does not escape me. Battling my body image right along side me she is unmistakably the best of the best. With a rapidly growing career as highly emotional as mine, being the best would not be enough. It is through her grace that her genius shines.

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