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I still have the Barbie workout VHS that I begged for in kindergarten. I remember doing “at-home” workout videos with my mom, taking long runs in the cow pastures in my backyard, and even getting up early to prepare a big healthy breakfast and pack a nutritious lunch for school. 

Today, my passion is still to help people in their fitness journey. However, the meaning of “fitness” has transformed into something far beyond anything I could have conceived in those early college days. Now I know there is so much more to fitness than just an aesthetically pleasing body or a physical transformation.

It’s an understatement when I say I believe I was born to make an impact in the fitness industry.

I'm Tayler Jordan

Hey, ya'll!

My Journey

I am not afraid of heights. or freaked out by snakes or spiders, but what I am REALLY, REALLY afraid of, is reaching the end of my journey, the end of my time here on this earth and not doing ALL that I was called to do. 


I implement this mentality through my every day life in several ways; sometimes by offering words of encouragement, providing educational content on social media, or maybe even as simple as flashing a genuine smile to a stranger. The smallest gesture can make the biggest impact.
As The Sparkle Spreader, I am compelled to pursue my dream of spreading a special light all around the world. What began as a passion has evolved into a large opportunity for impact. 

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Performance with a major in Exercise Science. I also reached my goal of becoming an IFBB Bikini Pro while in college. After college I continued to compete and work as a Physique Transformation Coach. After battling personal health issues, I realized there was more to the picture than simply and external transformation which helped me draw closer to God and dig deeper in my faith. All of which has shaped my well-rounded and extensive understanding of what it takes to become Truly Fit. With Tayler Jordan LLC, I work to integrate faith, fitness and well-being. 

My purpose is to share the reality that health, fitness, and well-being can create feminine, radiant beauty. This beauty starts on the inside and shines on the outside. 


Being born and raised in small-town, Alabama would disable many, but that was never an excuse to keep me from striving toward big aspirations. Rarely was opportunity ever knocking at the back door growing up, so there is no doubt that burning passion to inspire others along with strong faith drove me to where I stand today.

My Story


Born in a teeny town in Alabama

Grew up playing softball, cheerleading, and running cross country

Started doing at home workouts towards the end of high school

Went to the gym for the first time to apply for a job

as a Fitness Attendant at the rec center on campus at college the summer before started school (my home town didn’t have a gym so I always did at-home workouts)

Began freshman year at the University of Southern Mississippi

Junior year I got certified to start personal training and started competing

Senior year I was training clients at the max hours allowed,

also working at the local health food store and earned my IFBB Pro Bikini card

Relocated to Tampa, FL for an internship at the University of South Florida in the Exercise Physiology department 

Graduated Bachelor of Science Degree

in Human Performance with a major in Exercise Science and was hired as a Physique Transformation coach at a private gym and continued competing in the IFBB

Began to realize there is much more to being truly fit and physical transformations still leave people unfulfilled 

Started Tayler Jordan LLC


My Top 10
Mini-Cut Workouts

I love creating challenging, "hurts so good" workouts! Below, you can click to access TEN of my top favorite workouts from my Mini-Cut program.